Breadfruit was a very useful tree in Polynesia, and the prehistoric voyagers to Hawaii brought this plant with them. The wood made good, light canoe hulls, drums and small household articles, it's milky sap was used to caulk seams and as a sticky lime to snare birds. It's bark was used a source of fiber for tapa. The large fruit is boiled ,baked, steamed or pounded into a poi like substance for eating. Today it is used in pastries ( bread fruit pudding "ono" ) and is enjoyed in pig roast. One or two trees could sustain a person through the year, the British had and interest in a cheap food source for their slaves on West Indian plantations, when they sent Captain Bligh aboard the HMS Bounty to gather plants in Tahiti in 1788. A gorgeous 30' tree with exotic split leaves from 1 to 3'long . These trees still remain popular for there fruits and striking ornamental foliage.

ABF-13 Artocarpus Incisus "Bread Fruit"