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Dendrobium plants are rooted in 2" to 3" pots all others may be potted plants or rhizomes.

Epiphytic and terrestrial orchids, long lasting flowers and easy to grow indoors or out.

* Note for Epidendrums
We offer bareroot epidendrum plants in an array of hybrid colors.... $6.95

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* darkred * yellow
* watermelon pink/no picture * light purple/no picture
* dark purple * white / pink
* dark pink * salmon/no picture
* orange *drk. maroon

Epidendrum Xobrienianum (Reed Orchid)
# OP-00

$ 6.95
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One of the easiest to grow Orchids! This terrestrial reed type grows in full sun to shade. Its leaves are leathery which grow up the cane, where beautiful 1" mini-cattleya shaped flowers appear in a globular heads of 30 to 40 flowers at a time. Can grow quite
3 1/2 ft.. Best grown in a coarse redwood bark / peatmoss. Very hardy to low 40's.

Dendrobium Orchid
# OP-01

$ 27.95
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Epiphytic native to Southeast Asia and one of the easiest to grow orchids. Colors vary from white, pink, lavender, yellow or combination of pastels. Leathery green leaves 5" to 6" in length, flowers grow in clusters along well ripened stems. Well grown plants may have hundreds of 3" flowers. Needs plenty of light for the best bloom. Can take temperatures to 40° F but best temperatures are 75° F day and 60° F at night. Used for Lei making in the Pacific Islands.

(Phaius) Tankerville "Nuns Cap Orchid"
# OP-02

$ 13.95
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2' large spikes of violet purple flowers crown this beautiful ground orchid. Its foliage is dark green and deeply pleated 2' long resembling and unopened palm frond. Flowers can last up to 1 month or more. Needs very well draining soil and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Semi-hardy spring bloomer. Quite easy to grow. A very charming orchid!

Spatholottis Plicata (Philippine Ground Orchid)
# OP-03

$ 13.95
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Foliage similar to the Nun's Cap Orchid but its flowers are light lavender pink with a bright yellow face. Makes a wonderful potted orchid. Easy to grow!

Arudina Graminifolia (Bamboo Orchid)
# OP-04

$ 13.95
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Looking very delicate, this beautiful reed like orchid is found on the luxuriant, lush green slopes of Hawaii's mountainous regions. This terrestrial orchid displays light lavender and white flower petals reflexed back to reveal a rose purple lip. Easy to grow but requires very fast draining soil and moisture. Rhizomes spread rapidly, so give it plenty of room to grow. One of our favorites!

Dendrobium Anosmum "Hono Hono Orchid"
# OP-05

$ 12.95
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Gorgeous cascading lavender flowers 3" to 4" across envelop it's pendent stems which can reach 3' ft. long. Soon losing their leaves flowers are produced singly or in pairs at the nodes of the stems. Scent is very powerful and unforgettable. Requires temperatures no lower than 50 degrees, indirect light and a well draining mix of orchid bark, kept dry during winter months. "Treasured by local Hawaiians for it's flowers and scent."

Vanilla Planifolia "Vanilla Vine"
# VOV-01

$ 14.95
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Native almost to the neo tropics the range includes Mexico, Central America, West Indies, and Northern South America. The genus vanilla produces the world's most popular spice, a climbing member of the orchidacea family, the vanilla orchid is both terrestial and epiphytic, it grows in soil and other plants sending out aerial roots that capture water and nutrients. It is a rewarding experience to grow your own vanilla orchid, and have it produce gorgeous sweet pale yellow/green orchid flowers and hopefully the famous vanilla bean. This remarkable orchid is very easy to grow in the garden or greenhouse a well draining humus rich soil or redwood orchid bark. Humidity and temperatures no lower than 40 degrees. A relentless climber can grow to 50' in a few years, a truly exotic addition to the tropical garden or greenhouse.
(Container grown 3-3/4" pots).

Vanda Orchid “Blue Vanda”
# OV-01

$ 32.95
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Grace your home with exquisite grandeur! Deep purple flowers with white mottled spots appear on long sprays 15 to 25 flowers per stem, plants grow erect with strap like leaves 6”to10” arranged opposite each other in a V shape form. Plants can be grown in osmunda ,tree fern fiber or ground bark, provide anchor for long aerial roots, Provide plenty of indirect light all year, but especially from November- February when flower buds are setting.
Hardy to 35 degrees.
A fantastic orchid!

Vanda Orchid “Red”
# OV-02

$ 32.95
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Just as beautiful as the blue vanda, comes the red species with pale cherry red blooms with mottled white spots on it’s face.


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