Cordyline Terminalis (Ti)

Ti plants are sold rooted in 3"containers

Cordyline Terminalis
(Green Ti)

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Lush large broad green leaves 2' to 3' long and 6" to 8" wide. Native Hawaiians foster a strong belief that growing Ti plants around the home protects and brings good luck to the home. Ti's can grow to a height of 10' but are slow growing. They prefer more shade than sun, which keeps the leaves a darker green. The leaves have many useful purposes where the leaves are used for cooking and fashioned into hula skirts for Polynesian dancers among other uses. Cut off sections of cane will sprout new plants if planted in well drained soil and moderate water. Very lush tropical! $9.95
Cordyline Terminalis
(Red Ti)

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Leaves not as long or wide as the Green Ti but its color makes up for it in vivid reds, pinks and oranges combined into the leaves. Height may reach 8' it makes a lush tropical background or main subject in any tropical setting. $9.95
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Peter Buck

TI-04 pic
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A large standard to tall plant with intermediate leaves 21"long and 6" wide. Leaves can get very large with ideal growing conditions , a strong grower can withstand sunlight better than other colored varietys. Leaves are light jasper red to pompeian red basically orange, which is very unique in color for ti's. One of favourite ti plants! $13.95
Dr. Brown

TI-05 pic
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A medium height plant 3 to 4' with leaves that are short and wide , foliage is burgundy red and very shiny .A great addition to any tropical garden! $13.95
Wili's Gold

TI-06 pic
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A standard to medium Ti of 4', leaves are broad and rounded , with several shades of green, yellow, red and pink in a striped pattern the length of it's leaves, not a large Ti ,but a darling among them. $13.95

TI-07 pic
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A beautiful Ti originating in New Zealand , it is of intermediate size 5' with a base color of olive green, heavily striped with yellow, leaves are margined with red, which sometimes spreads into beautiful red streaks. Accents other green foliage plants in the garden! $13.95

TI-08 pic
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A fantastic Ti with dark green foliage and reddish/maroon and yellow striping on it's young leaves. Intermediate size to 5', needs extra shade to look it's best. $13.95
Pue Ele Ele

TI-09 pic
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An intermediate size variety with broad leaves 8" long 4" wide. Leaves are thick texture and arranged in a compact whorl around it's cane, similar to a rose. Color is rich rose to tyrian purple , commonly called cabbage leaf Ti. Height to 4' $13.95
Pink Cascade

TI-10 pic
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An intermediate size variety with long leaves colored a medium green streaked with yellow striping throughout it's leaves. $13.95
Ono Mea

TI-11 pic
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A tall variety to 8' with leaves 15" long 4" wide of thick texture and flat. Color green with Tyria-pink to rose colored margins. One the most vigorous growing varietys. $13.95
Hawaiian Compacta

TI-12 pic
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A compact yet vigorous variety, with leaves that are tightly compacted together like a plume. Leaves short to 4" to 2" wide, color dark pink to burgundy purple. Great Ti for areas that don't need lots of room. $13.95