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COSTUS (Gingers)

Sold in 3.5" pots rooted plants available all year

Costus is the wonderful world of spiral ginger. Its foliage spirals around bamboo like stalks, know for this species. Some varieties have a velvety soft texture on the backs of its leaves, while others maybe smooth with purple undersides. Its bracts and flowers can range from a cone like bract, pineapple shaped or soft crepe like flowers emerging from green cones. Very easy to grow, they do well in partial sun in mild climates and partial shade in hot climates. They love a rich well draining soil kept on the moist side. They make beautiful garden specimens or container plants for the garden or patio.
Costus Barbatus

Costus, costus, costus plants, costus flowers
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A native of Costa Rica, this costus is a very popular cut flower which can last as long as a month on the plant. The large inflorescence is comprised of a series of hard red bracts similar to a pineapple top in shape with small bright yellow flowers peeking out. It can produce both basal and terminal inflorescence of 6" to 12" in length. can grow 7' in medium sun and makes a handsome landscape or tub subject. Very tropical. $10.95
Costus Amazonicus

Costus, costus, costus plants, costus flowers
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This species is native to Peru and Ecuador. It is a tall plant with yellow and red flowers similar to barbatus, but the foliage is the real eye catcher, with 8" leaves rounded on the ends and beautiful white/green variegation throughout the leaves. It grows to 8' in partial sun. Very hardy and showy! $12.95
Costus Speciosus
"Crepe ginger / Malay ginger"

Costus, costus, costus plants, costus flowers
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A very attractive costus from Asia. Clustering reed-like stems 6' to 8'. 3" ruffled fringed round white petals appear 3 or 4 at a time from a glossy red terminal cone, which stays red till the flower is finished. Blooms midsummer to fall. Can take partial sun. Root hardy. A real treasure! $8.95
Costus Spiralis

Costus, costus, costus plants, costus flowers
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Native to South America its height is 4' to 6'. Leaves are similar to costus barbatus. Its inflorescence has an orange pine cone shaped bract on the terminal end of the stalk, that blooms sporadically throughout the summer. Produces a beautiful tropical appearance! Very hardy. $10.95
Costus Spicatus

Costus, costus, costus plants, costus flowers
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This species is a very easy to grow costus. It produces a short cylindrical red cone with orange flowers emerging one at a time, long lasting and used as a cut flower. Very impressive! $8.95
Costus Laevis

costus laevis
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Native to Central and South America. A medium size plant of about 3' to 5', it produces beautiful dark green roundish leaves with a dark purple underside, its inflorescence is cone-shaped of orange-red with orange flowers protruding from the cone. A sensational tub or landscape specimen. $8.95
Costus Stenophylus
(Bamboo or Red Snake Ginger)

Costus, costus, costus plants, costus flowers
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This enchanting foliage plant has long curly graceful leaves with fine tiny hairs on the edges. Unique about this plant is its long main stalk that is colored with alternating sections of brown and light tan in a barber pole pattern. Its inflorescence is a long cylindrical, bright red bract with yellow flowers peeking out on at a time making it seem to look like a snakes tongue. Native to Costa Rica becoming endangered in the wild. Semi hardy. A rare find! $17.95
Costus Lazius
"Yellow Lollipop"

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This small attractive compact plant has thin stems and fuzzy leaves. Grows to 2' in semi shade, its multiple yellow inflorescence adorn this small but hardy plant. A ginger growers favorite! $9.95
Costus Curvibracteatus
(Dwarf Orange Ginger)

co-09 pic
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Native to Panama this short 2' costus makes a wonderful greenhouse or patio plant. It is a vigorous grower and produces many small orange crepe inflorescence at a time. its blooming season is one of the longest among costus, blooming from late spring to the middle of winter. partial shade to full shade. An excellent potted plant! $11.95
Costus Woodsonii
(Dwarf French Kiss)
co-10 pic

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Native to Costa Rica and Panama, this dwarf compact plant grows to 2' to 3' with inflorescence of orange-red flowers. Its foliage is oval and very shiny. Medium sun. Makes a wonderful specimen or house plant! $11.95
Costus sp.
"Peru Yellow"

CO-11 pic
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A sensational new costus and very rare in color, cone shaped bract is canary yellow 3" long with flowers of orange/red ,popping out intermittently throughout itís cone. A small costus itís foliage is dull green with a slightly wine colored underside. Great for cut flower! $15.95
Costus Speciosus
(Variegated Crepe Ginger)

co-12 pic
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With reed like stems, similar to Costus Speciosus, the one thing that sets them apart is its gorgeous variegation of white and green that run through the oval leaves. Flower is similar to its green leaf cousin. Highly recommended! $12.95
Costus Leucanianus

Costus, costus, costus plants, costus flowers
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Clustering reed like stems to 6' to 8' from its base. Ruffled fringed white tubular flowers with a pink and yellow combination on the rim of this rare flowering Costus. Its terminal cone is glossy green where flowers emerge 2 to 3 at a time. They can take full sun but looks much better in partial sun. Root hardy. $13.95
Costus (Scaber)

Costus, costus, costus plants, costus flowers
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This beautiful species has a long hard waxy 8" to 12" red bract with yellow inflorescence which peek out intermittently as the bracts open up from the bottom up. A long lasting flower up to a month it makes an excellent cut flower. The plant also has attractive roundish jade green leaves with a fuzzy underside. It grows to 6' in partial shade. $13.95
Costus Laviger

Costus, costus, costus plants, costus flowers
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This unusual species has leaf sheaths that are dark red with green tips and are cup shaped to hold water. These cups trap potential pests which then drown in the water. Its terminal inflorescence are tube shaped flowers that open slightly to reveal a dark pink throat and stripped yellow bottom lip. Foliage is a dark green shiny leaf which spirals around its main stem. Simply gorgeous! Semi hardy. $13.95
Costus Igneus
"Fiery Costus"

fiery costus pic
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Medium size 2' ft. plant with brilliant fiery orange flowers which blooms almost year round producing 2 to 4 terminal 2" flowers at a time. Makes an excellent container plant because of its nice clumping growth habit. Native to Brazil. Partial shade, Zone 8 or higher. $9.95
Monocostus Uniflorus
"Yellow Spiral Ginger"

yellow monocostus pic
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Large crepe brilliant yellow flowers adorn this 2" ft. ginger that blooms all summer through fall. Makes a sensational container plant for indoor and / or outdoor growth. Needs bright indirect light to look its best. Hardy zone 9 or higher. An all time favorite!!! $10.95
Costus Sp.
"Red Rose"

CO-18 pic
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An unusual Costus species collected in South America and becoming very popular because of its attractive red inflorescence. The round fuzzy leaves are a delight to the touch. It will grow to 3' ft. in a shaded area. Zone 10 or higher. Zone 9 if protected. $12.95
Dimerocostus Strobilaceous Spp.

CO-19 pic
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This large Costus is found throughout Central and South America. Its leaves are 10" long, 6" wide, which spiral around a 10' to 12' ft. cane. Crepe flowers are lemon yellow which are produced terminally. Hardy to zone 8 or higher, very rare, limited quantities! $15.95
Costus Spp.

CO-20 pic
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A fantastic and vigorous species collected in Peru. A variation of costus specious with 3" to 4" pink blush crepe like flowers and fiery lemon orange center, flowers emerge from terminal spike on top of beautiful spiralled foliage. Partial to full sun. Height 6'to 7'( Rare) $16.95
Costus Spp.
"Morning Sun"

CO-21 pic
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A wonderful a vigorous costus species from Peru , with large wavy green leaves ,that spiral around it's 6'to 7' canes , flowers pop out intermittently from a large green cone, inflorescence is yellow with a pink-white hood and darker pink stripped throat. Rare! $16.95
Costus spp.
"Kiss of Death"

CO-22 pic
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A fantastic new costus from Ecuador, stunning hairy green leaves with burgundy undersides on tall hairy canes 6'to 8', producing terminally a striking large inflorescence of alternating pattern of burgundy and green throughout it's bract as tiny flowers pop out intermittently throughout it's cone. Partial sun. Costus of distinction! $24.95

CO-23 pic
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Only 2' tall and free flowering on this dwarf species from Peru, is excellent for container or limit garden space or height. Lovely fuzzy green leaves spiral around it's dwarf canes to produce short deep red bracts and yellow inflorescences that are hard and waxy, lasting months at a time. Great addition for the collector! $15.95
"Red Yellow

CO-24 pic
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A vigorous and outstanding new costus 5'to7' that is extremely exceptional for cut flower lasting 2 to 3 weeks after cut. Spirally arranged leaves on tall thick canes produce terminally hard pineapple like bracts of orangy-red and yellow tips with lemon yellow flowers that peek out intermittently throughout it's blooming period. Grows best in partial sun to shade. Great for the cut flower! $16.95
Costus Spp.
"Red Ball"

C0-25 pic
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An easy to grow species from South America, it's leaves and stems are fuzzy to the touch, with an inflorescence that is produced basally and apical in the form of a tight ball like bract ,which intermittently producing large yellow flowers throughout it's 5"to6" bract. A real beauty! $16.95
Costus Spp.

C0-26 pic
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Our most exciting and newest addition to our costus collection ,this spectacular dwarfish costus 3' to 4' with beautiful dark pleated green leaves and cup like ligules (pouches) up it's stout, short cane. Inflorescence is a stunning fiery orange -red bract 4" to 6" tall with long yellow flowers with red lip stick flowers popping out throughout it's bracts. Wonderful for container culture or tropical garden. Absolutely rare and one of a kind! $25.95

CO-27 pic
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A strikingly beautiful costus on short 2'to 3' canes, excellent for container culture, it's leaves are long and some what curved inward spiralling around it's short stout cane. Bracts are dark cherry-red, with brilliant white inflorescence throughout it's bract, a rarity among costus. Rare and hard to find! $25.95

(Picture Not Available)

A popular and shade loving costus known for it's large lime-green, round, fuzzy leaves and red and yellow stripped flowers. A shorter growing costus to 2'. Absolutely stunning! $9.95

CO-29 pic
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Small pretty purple flowers on small basal inflorescence are produced by this petite 3' small attractive foliage plant. This costus variety blooms terminally and basally, with small inflorescences that usually produce only a few flowers at a time. Great for indoors! $6.95
Costus sp.

CO-30 pic
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A great costus used extensively in the cut flower trade, for itís banded, striped and spotted tall canes, depicting a hieroglyphic of sorts. Inflorescent is cone shaped and orange/red like costus spiralis. $15.95
Costus Erythrocrinus sp.
"Eskimo Kiss"

CO-31 pic
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A fantastic new costus ! Inflorescent are bright, shiny ,red, round, balls with tight bracts, from which bright yellow flowers appear throughout itís red cone. Fleshy green leaves spiral around itís 3 to 4í canes. A must for cut flower! $13.95
Costus sp.
"Budda Belly"

(Picture Not Available)

An amazing costus, with ligatus tissue up stalks ( golden ball like, fused together like ping- pong balls stacked on top of each other, inflorescence is light pink and crepe like. Height 5 to 6í , Very unique! $14.95
Dimerocostus Strobilaceous

CO-33 pic
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A strong upright tall costus 7 to10í ,itís leaves are spirally arranged along itís tall canes. Flowers are a creamy white with bold yellow center, borne on terminal stems. Great for container culture! $16.95
Dimerocostus Argentea

CO-34 pic
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A dramatic tall 7íto 10í costus family ginger, with spiralling leaves around large thick canes, flowers light creamy yellow with a fluffy crepe like flower with darker yellow center. Excellent for large container culture. $16.95