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CURCUMA (Gingers)

Sold in 3.5" pots rooted plants from March to October or rhizomes from November to April

Curcumas are the unimaginable world of hidden gingers, which get its name from some of the varieties because they bare there flowers on short stalks amid its foliage. Foliage is lush, broad and sometimes pleated. Curcumas love filtered light or light shade and enjoy moist soil. Blooms appear spring, summer or fall depending on variety. They should be fed with a good application of fertilizer in early spring to produce an exciting and unusual flower that can be enjoyed for weeks. All varieties listed are very hardy, but go dormant for the winter where they will die down to rest. Keep on the dry side while resting for the winter. We offer the newest varieties available!

Curcuma Alismatifolia
(Chaingmai Pink)

Curcuma, Curcumas, curcuma, curcumas, gingers
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This beautiful attractive dwarf species is a native of Thailand and has recently been introduced to the U.S. market. It has long narrow pale green/blue stiff leaves and produces a pale purple/pink inflorescence on terminal spike, which can be used as cut flower. It grows 2' in medium sun. Goes dormant for the winter, very hardy blooms spring or fall. Absolutely beautiful! This will be a top notch Curcuma. $7.95
Curcuma Cordata
(Pastel Hidden Ginger)

Curcuma, Curcumas, curcuma, curcumas, gingers
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Both matchless and beautiful, this ginger has unsurpassed beauty with wide corrugated banana like leaves that open up to a inflorescence of spire cup shaped cream bracts with a lavender pink rim up to a spectacular lavender/pink crown. Very hardy grows to 2' in partial sun to shade. Goes dormant for winter. Very showy! $9.95
Curcuma Gracillima
(Chocolate Zebra)

Curcuma, Curcumas, curcuma, curcumas, gingers
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This striking dwarf species was recently introduced from Thailand. This species has attractive corrugated banana like leaves. An absolutely gorgeous inflorescence of greenish white with brownish red stripes running the entire length of the cup shaped bracts with tiny pale purple flowers protruding. Our recommended favorite! $8.95
Curcuma Longa

Curcuma, Curcumas, curcuma, curcumas, gingers
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A summer bloomer bearing in color from the bottom up green/white and tipped on the crown of scarlet pink with small yellow flowers. Solid corrugated green leaves 3' long surround the petite inflorescence almost hiding from view. The rhizomes are ground and used as a spice and also a source for dyes in the Pacific Islands and Asia. Grows to 3'. Very hardy. Goes dormant for the winter. And easy bloomer! $5.95
(Panama Purple)

Curcuma, Curcumas, curcuma, curcumas, gingers
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Dark purple inflorescence emerge amongst the foliage in the spring. This species is about 2'. Its leaves are distinguished by a dark purple strip down the center. Partial sun to semi shade, goes dormant for the winter, very hardy. Tropical! $8.95
Curcuma Parviflora
(White Angel)

Curcuma, Curcumas, curcuma, curcumas, gingers
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A relatively new introduction, it is definitely a real show stopper! Its growth is 1' to 1 1/2' tall and makes and excellent potted plant. With its dark green foliage and awesome inflorescence of green spiraled cup bracts and tiny lavender/purple flowers emerging throughout the bract and to the top it off a pure white tuft. Highly recommended! $16.95
Curcuma Rosecoena
(Pride of Burma)

Curcuma, Curcumas, curcuma, curcumas, gingers
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Snuggled among the large ribbed leaves, this spectacular inflorescence is a spire cup-shape, fiery orange bract that last for weeks and makes an excellent cut flower. It grows 2' to 3' in partial sun to shade. Keep on the dry side while dormant. Limited quantities! $8.95
Curcuma spp
(Black Thai)

Curcuma, Curcumas, curcuma, curcumas, gingers
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A new introduction, this is the darkest color of all of the curcumas, with a deep intense rich burgundy red top glided down to spire cup bracts of yellow and green which emerge pretty yellow inflorescence which cover the bracts. As with many curcumas this variety's inflorescence bract if borne from the soil. Very hardy and rare! Spectacular! $11.95
Curcuma Thorellii
(Chaing Mai Snow)

cm-09 pic
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This beautiful dwarf species was just recently introduced, the inflorescence are dark green starting at the bottom with maroon purple flowers peeking out of the spire cup bracts and topped with a pure white tuft. Absolutely gorgeous! $13.95
Curcuma Australasica
"Aussie Plume"
cm-10 pic
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A beautiful large ginger; height to 6' ft.. Dark rose inflorescence is spectacular along with its sculptured pleated leaves. Goes dormant in late fall and begins its new growth in spring. A very incredible ginger. Hardy tropical and sun loving! $8.95
Petiolata Var.

CM-11 pic
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Hidden ginger, large beautiful pleated variegated green and white leaves. Inflorescence is a lovely greenish-white bract and tipped off with a white plume with pinkish hues on the tips. Yellow flowers emerge from the cup like spheres that make up it's bract. A very popular ginger that prefers partial sun. Goes dormat in fall, returning in spring. $8.95
Curcuma Spp.
"Sri Pok"

CM-12 pic
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An amazing new species from Vietnam with large pleated leaves with lower maroon stems, foliage is first to appear before it's majestic dark burgundy-red inflorescence appears terrestrially from the soil, sporting large orange yellow flowers popping out intermittently throughout it's bracts. Propagates easily from division. Very rare! $13.95
"Khymer Orange"

CM-13 pic
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A elegant, beautiful ginger collected in Cambodia with a flashy burnt orange inflorescence and golden yellow flowers. A late summer to fall bloomer. An excellent variety to naturalise in garden beds. Height 2í $14.95

CM-14 pic
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A strikingly beautiful new curcuma from Thailand, with narrow leaves. Hot pink tipped inflorescence with creamy white interior , itís flowers are golden yellow and peek out intermittently throughout its bract. Stunning! $12.95

CM-15 pic
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A great looking curcuma with dark green, narrow leaves and a rasberry stripe running the entire distance of itís leaf blade. Inflorescence is dark raspberry red/purple with yellow flowers that pop out of itís cup like bracts. Very rich in color! $12.95
Curcuma Alismatifolia
"Changmai White"

CM-16 pic
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A fantastic ginger that superficially resembles a tulip. From Thailand producing pure white inflorescence with light green tips. Itís foliage is long, narrow and stiff, resembling tulip leaves. Zone 8 , Dormant- November- May. Great variety for naturalising! $9.95
Curcuma Aurantiaca
"Rainbow Curcuma"

CM-17 pic
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A wonderful hybrid with multicoloured inflorescence of burnt orange, yellow, green and red, inflorescence size is 10 to 12" and 4" in diameter on a 3 to 4í plant. One of the largest curcuma inflorescence to date! $12.95