Etlingera Elatior


Etlingera Elatior
(Red Torch Ginger)

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Sold as rhizome(Root section). Its inflorescence comes out of the ground instead of the terminal spike, thus making it easier to cut as a cut flower. The bracts are cherry red with yellow edges. As the bract opens up the lower bract leaves turn down revealing a cone shaped torch. An exceptional ginger for the garden or greenhouse, give it plenty of room to grow. Height 12' to 17'. Needs a warm climate of greenhouse. Very exotic! $19.95
Etlingera Elatior
(Pink Torch Ginger)

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Same growing pattern as the Red Torch, but its bracts are a soft pink on a tall round spike. $24.95
Etlingera Elatior
(Tulip Torch)

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A relatively new introduction, this species is becoming very popular. Similar to the Red and Pink Torch, but shorter and easier to grow, it only reaches 10' and can be grown in large containers. Its green leathery leaves are long and wide with a gingerly scent when crushed. the bract (inflorescence) is a reddish/pink tight bract looking like a tulip, but then opens up revealing beautiful red petals yellow tip markings on the top. A spectacular show! $22.95
"Malay Rose"

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A very rare new variety from Malaysia, it's strikingly unsurpassed beauty is almost beyond words. It's inflorescence comes from the soil in a terrestrial spike, it's outer cup bracts are silky iridescent pink and cerise shaped overlapping bracts creating a rose shaped flowered inflorescence. An exceptional ginger for the garden or greenhouse. Height 6' to 8' which is very short in stature for varieties of etlingera. Partial sun, Very exotic! $20.95