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(All flowering plants and trees arrive rooted in 2" to 4" pots)


(Nicolai "Giant Bird of Paradise")

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A beautiful dramatic tropical plant that is very hardy in cooler zones, has huge leathery fans of banana shaped leaves and impressive blue and white flower spikes that appear from a dark purplish blue gray boat shaped bract. A very easy to grow tropical in landscape or container. A real beauty! $11.95
"Birds of Paradise"

flower, flower plants, flower tree, flowering plants, flowering trees
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This is the most well known of the Birds of Paradise, with leathery leaves to 3' long, the plant itself is trunkless and clumping. The flowers are in the shape of bird beak bracts of crested vivid blue and bright orange. Blooming time is late summer to early winter and can be grown outdoors as a landscape plant or container plant where it enjoys being pot bound. Very exotic! One of our favorites makes and excellent cut flower! $11.95
Sida Fallax
(Kaneohe Gold)
"Gold Llima"

flower, flower plants, flower tree, flowering plants, flowering trees
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Llima is the Hawaiian name for this charming dwarf shrub, whose flowers are cherished for making bright golden orange leis, that in historical times only (Kahunas) High Chiefs were allowed to wear. Very showy semi-double 1" golden orange flowers slightly ruffled, like tiny hibiscus produced all year long. A dwarf plant easily kept 1' to 2' tall and is an excellent and distinctive container plant. Hardy to 25 F. $8.95
Jasminum Sambac
(Grand Duke of Tucany)

flower, flower plants, flower tree, flowering plants, flowering trees
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Triple pikake is the name local Hawaiians give this beautiful and most fragrant flower of the world! It is widely used in perfumes and to flavor teas. Clusters of 2" creamy white flowers resembling miniature roses and dark shiny green leaves cover the 3' tall shrub. Definitely one of our favorites for scent! $11.95
Jasminum Sambac (Bel of India)

bel of India pic
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Local Hawaiian name for this jasmine is double pikake used extensively for leis and perfumes. This rarer variety bares loosely double pure white blooms with a tinge of pink about 1" round and has an absolutely stunning fragrance. Its foliage is similar to Grand Duke but leaves are longer and thinner. Breathtaking fragrance! $14.95
"Maid of Orleans"

JS-07 pic
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A sweetly scented jasmine is known as sampaguita in the Philippines and pikaki in Hawaii. Beautiful pure white 1" blooms cover this dark green leafed bushed type ever bloomer, it is also well known in Asia for it's use in teas and religious observances. $11.95
Glorisa Lilly

flower, flower plants, flower tree, flowering plants, flowering trees

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A climbing plant native to Uganda, it can be grown outdoors in mild temperate zones, or can make and excellent potted plant for indoor culture. Known for its gorgeous colorful flowers of crimson/scarlet with gold near the base, its long recurved petals (similar to an upside down umbrella) that appear lacquered. It has 7" dark green lancelet leaves, with support this lily may climb to 15' $11.95

flower, flower plants, flower tree, flowering plants, flowering trees
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Native to the Philippine Islands. A lover of heat and humidity and one of the showiest tropical shrubs of the world, with its spectacular 18" hanging clusters of bright pink flowers and showy pink bracts. Large glossy dark green leaves, compact growth. It has a winter and spring blooming. Very tropical! $11.95
Hibiscus Tilraceus
(Tri-Color Hau)

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A beautiful bushy tree to 15' with large cordate matte leaves variegated green, white and pink, its unusual spring/summer flowers are yellow at first then change to orange then red by night. The inner bark of this tree is used in Asia and the Pacific Islands for rope and tapa cloth. Semi-hardy in mild climates, can make an excellent small container tree for patio or indoors (prune to shape). $12.95
Bauhina Purpurea
(Orchid Tree)

flower, flower plants, flower tree, flowering plants, flowering trees
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Evergreen to deciduous tree. These flamboyant flower trees have a very special place in most mild climates of the United States. Common to the characteristics are their twin lobe leaves. Their flowers are spectacular in a shape of a large orchid with a range of color from cranberry, maroon to orchid pink and blooming from fall into late winter, its leaves tend to drop off around bloom time but not completely. To 20'. Gorgeous landscape plant or tree. Hardy to the mid 30's. $13.95
Delonix Regia
(Royal Poinciana)
royal poinciana pic
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This 40' tree is one of the most conspicuous flowering trees seen in the tropics. Bright fiery red/orange blossoms cover its mimosa type leaves which close up and go to sleep for the night. Can be grown as a potted tree. Very tropical! $14.95
Annona Cherimola "Cherimoya"

AC-11 pic
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Also known as custard apple. Beautiful subtropical fruit tree with leaves dull green above, velvety and hairy beneath 4" to 10 " long. In late spring it beings to flower brownish/yellow hairy flowers which continue to form a 1 to 1 1/2 lb. creamy white flesh fruit with a suggestion of taste of banana, pineapple and nectarine in a custard like consistency. Excellent taste! $14.95
"Tipu Tipuana"

TTT-08 pic
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Fast growing semi deciduous, medium spreading tree, native of South America, it is widely grown in tropical to subtropical climates as a shade or park tree, it's branches are somewhat pendulous with pinnate lettuce green leaves and progressive opening racemes of cascading bunches of old gold colored flowers in spring. A lovely tree! $14.95
Cassia Javanica
"Pink & White
Shower Tree"

PWST-14 pic
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A splendid medium street tree, with beautiful pinnate green leaves, which open up to cascading clusters of pink to pale pink which fade with age to a creamy white. Great tree! $21.95
"Orange Spike"

MOS-08 pic
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A recently collected cultivator, this spectacular and beautiful plant is breathtaking with 20" hanging clusters of orange-pink spikes, flowers and bracts. Leaves are large dark green with a free range growth habit in it's form. Blooming winter and spring, loves heat and humidity. Truly a amazing showy tropical! $15.95
Abutilon sp.
"lantern Ilima"

LI-10 pic
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A totally new hybrid, 1 " lantern like shaped flowers that are orange /yellow with orange stripes on it's outside, inside it's lantern flowers are brilliant orange filaments that totally fill it's inside. This flower is used extensively today in lei making in Hawaii and is being used in substitution of true Ilima because of it's size. Makes a beautiful lei, when strung with white plumerias. $12.95
Cestrum Elegans
"Purpureum Red"

CE-05 pic
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Large dense clusters of cranberry-red blooms grace the upright stems of this gorgeous shrub. Flowering nearly all year with heavy bloom and bud formation well into late fall. Height 4 to 5'. Temperature 35 degrees and above. $10.95
Albizzia Julibrissin
"Silk Tree"

AJS-04 pic
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A beautiful tree with compound feather-formed leaves (ferny) , small pink power puff flowers are borne in globular clusters covering the entire tree, followed by long brown flat shaped seed pods. Makes an excellent street tree! $9.95
Jacaranda Mimosifolia

JMJ-15 pic
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The vivid cool blue blossoms of this 20' Bignonia from Brazil are a welcome sight from January - August . It is a lovely tree with greyish bark and handsome feathery leaves that resemble ferns, forming a canopy overhead. At the height of blooming season May- June the little violet/blue bell-like blossoms fall, making a spectacular carpet of color beneath the tree. Once finished blooming it sets long, brown seed pods which are sometimes used in for jewellery in Brazil. A great tree for landscape or street tree. Hardy to 20's $11.95
Calliandra Haematocephala
"Powder Puff Bush"

PPB-03 pic
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Eye catching, bright red, exploding fireworks of puffy-like flowers grace this beautiful shrub from Bolivia. Foliage is feathery with an upright growing habit. Grows 2 to 4'. Temperature 35 degrees and up. $9.95
Cananga Ordata
"Ylang - Ylang"

OYY-17 pic
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An enchanting tropical tree that produces the utmost fragrant flower of the world, flowers are long, twisted, drooping, greenish/yellow petals appearing mostly in late summer through fall in thick clusters at the leaf axils and followed by greenish fruit. Foliage is glossy green. The ylang-ylang is cultivated in the Comoros Islands, Asia and Hawaii for the perfume industry. Zone 10 and higher " seductively fragrant" $18.95
Michelia Alba
"White Champaca"

MWC-03 pic
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The intense fragrant and ivory-colored , waxen quality of petals indicate their relationship of Michelia to Magnolias. It was brought to Hawaii by the Chinese and is still chiefly seen in their gardens today, their name for it is Pak-Lan meaning "white orchid". The pointed buds about 2" long grow upright in leaf axils, near the ends of it's branches, each is encased in a calyx which slips off as the flower opens. The narrow waxy petals are numerous and radiate around it's greenish pistil. Grows upright to 20', it's pointed wavy edged leaves are glossy, leathery and light green. A intoxicating scent! $28.95
Michelia Champaca
"Orange Champaca"

MOC-04 pic
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Closely related and similar in appearance and growing habit to the white champaca except that the flowers are creamy orange and same intoxicating fragrance. $25.95
Michelia Figo
"Banana Shrub"

FBS-21 pic
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Known as the banana shrub, for it's delightfully sweet, banana-like floral fragrance . This Chinese member of the magnolia family blooms almost all year, in late winter /early spring it is most heavily laden with 2" creamy yellow and purple blushed flowers. Grows 2 to 3' . Temperature 35 degrees and up. $16.95
Clusia Rosea
"Autograph Tree"

CAT-30 pic
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A superb flowering tree/shrub that has become very popular in commercial landscape. Flowering pink buds and large-waxy flowers in winter and spring, revealing later round fruits that split to form beautiful star-shaped seed pods. The "Autograph Tree" derives it's common name from it's thick fleshy leaves with a thin green skin, that children etch there names on. A great tree for conversation! $18.95
Cleodrendrum Chinese
"False Pikake " ( Glory Tree )

CFBP-31 pic
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A beautiful shrub that can acquire heights to 6' with cordate downy green leaves, flowering in tight clusters, each flower like a tiny rose or rosebud , the calyx which is rosy/purple is beautiful and prominent before the corolla opens. Very highly fragrant at sundown. $14.95