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Fruiting Plants and Trees

(Rooted plants in 3.5" pots)

Solo Papaya
(Hawaiian Papaya)

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A very desirable sweet strain with firm pink/orange pulp. The Solo name is derived from one fruit being a meal in itself. Its foliage is a beautiful canopy of snowflake shaped leaves. Average weight per fruit is 1 1/2 pounds. Height 7" to 10' $11.95
Sugar Cane

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Tall bamboo like canes and height to 10' it spreads by underground rhizomes(runners). It makes a wonderful sound break and beautiful tropical appearance. Once stalks have matured over the summer, cut into sections for a tasty snack. Super sweet! In Hawaii, children chew and suck on the cut canes like and all day sucker. Will take some short freezing temperatures. $10.95

taro pic
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Tuberous root native to tropical Asia, fast growing heart shaped leaves satiny green, it adds a lush tropical effect to any planting in one season. Taro leaves are usually harvested and used in cooking for meals such as lau-lau where meat, pork and fish are rolled and steamed to make a delicious (ono) Polynesian meal also the root is pounded to make thick purple paste called poi a food staple in the Pacific Islands. Likes rich moist soil and ample water. Very tasty! (Rhizome only) $8.95
Asian Guava
(Psidium Guajava)

guava pic
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A short tropical tree or tall bush to 15' grown for its delicious edible fruits, juice and jams. Much branched with leaves that are elliptic and corrugated. Its fruits range from 2" to 4" in size. Easily grown tropical. Very tasty! $13.95
Kona Coffee

kona coffee pic
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The most popular coffee of Hawaii. It is a heavy bearing variety with excellent quality. An upright shrub 3' to 8' with evenly spaced tiered branches, clothed with dark shiny green oval leaves 6" long, small 3/4 flowers are clustered near leaf bases that are followed by 1/2" fruit that starts out green and turns red as it ripens. Each fruit contains 2 coffee beans. One producing tree can provide 1lb. of coffee. Needs partial sun and soil on the acidic side. Definitely a conversation piece! $14.95
Synsepalum Dulcificum
"Miracle Fruit"

MF-17 pic
(Full Size)
After eating one of the red holly like fruits, you will find that anything else that you eat in the next 2 hours will either be deliciously sweet or will have a taste that is noticeable enhanced. Its a small tropical tree or bush to 8' but can be easily grown indoors with warmth, bright light and good draining soil where it may grow to 4'. The attractive oval leaves are green with some wine stain. Very unusual! $14.95
Solanum Muricatum (Pepino Dulce)

PD-18 pic
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This recently introduced fruit from the Andes, looks like very large cream-yellow colored egg with beautiful purple stripes on the smooth skin. Its very mild taste is slightly sweet, very aromatic, and very tasty. It will probably be a very popular fruit once people find out more about this fruit. It is also a very ornamental with small oval leaves and sort of shrubby plant. Can be grown indoors in sunny location. $10.95
"Nana" Dwarf Pomegranate

DP-19 pic
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Salmon-red blossoms occur when only 1' tall, grows to 3' as a densely shrubby tree. After flowering, enjoy a wonderful dry fruit with tasty red seeds inside. Makes an excellent garden or container subject. Also effective for bonsai! $12.95
"Chocolate Tree"

TCT-12 pic
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A small evergreen tree from tropical America, it has the ability to produce pretty pink and yellow flowers on it's trunk and large branches, followed by orange-brown fruit, the seed from it's fruit is used to produce commercial cocoa and chocolate. $22.95
"Screw Pine"
( Lauhala )

PSP-02 pic
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Hawaiian mythology relates how this handsome plant with it's spirally arranged tufted leaves, stilted like roots and pineapple like fruits, brought to Hawaii centuries ago by seafarers it has been utilised and loved for centuries by the Pacific people. Every part of the tree provides materials for housing, food, medicine, ornaments, fishing, religion, and folklore. Today it graces coastlines gardens and office buildings throughout Hawaii. Leaves of the lauhala are the most requested foliage greenery in the flower trade. Locals sometimes jokingly refer it's fruit as tourist pineapples. Very hardy in tropical and semi tropical gardens to 32'F ! $13.95
Aleurites Moluccana
"Candle Nut " (Kukui)

KNT-02 pic
(Full Size)
Brought to the Islands by early Polynesians who used the kukui nut oils for stone lamps, kernels strung on coconut palm midribs for candles, roots for dying tapa cloth and also as a laxative. Today these nuts are mainly used in lei making. A mid-size tree of 20' at maturity it's leaves are 8" long and maple shaped, small clusters of flowers ( flower of Molokai )cover the entire tree and later become 2" roundish green fruits, once ripened and fall to the ground, they turn brown to black, for the making of your very own kukui lei. $21.95
Artocarpus Incisus
"Bread Fruit"

ABF-13 pic
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Breadfruit was a very useful tree in Polynesia, and the prehistoric voyagers to Hawaii brought this plant with them. The wood made good, light canoe hulls, drums and small household articles, it's milky sap was used to caulk seams and as a sticky lime to snare birds. It's bark was used a source of fiber for tapa. The large fruit is boiled ,baked, steamed or pounded into a poi like substance for eating. Today it is used in pastries ( bread fruit pudding "ono" ) and is enjoyed in pig roast. One or two trees could sustain a person through the year, the British had and interest in a cheap food source for their slaves on West Indian plantations, when they sent Captain Bligh aboard the HMS Bounty to gather plants in Tahiti in 1788. A gorgeous 30' tree with exotic split leaves from 1 to 3'long . These trees still remain popular for there fruits and striking ornamental foliage. $28.95
Averrhoa Carambola
"Star Fruit"

CFS-14 pic
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The lovely and attractive leaves and medium growth to 15' tall makes star fruit a popular backyard fruit tree. Very easy to fruit once mature, it has the ability to fruit 2 times a year with large crops of fragrant, juicy fruit. It's fruits are five angled and when crosscut, form a star like shape, hence it's name. The immature fruits resemble their leaves which blend into it's foliage until they turn bright yellow upon ripening. A great sweet/tart fruit for a refreshing summer treat! $21.95
Macadamia Integrifolia
"Mac Tree"

MNT-11 pic
(Full Size)
A native fruit tree of Australia, it is a rapid grower that can acquire heights of 30' and often bears fruit after 4 years. Grown for their delicious sweet nuts, used in most nut candies in Hawaii. It's shells are very hard and round ripening throughout the year, they contain 70% fat and are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. The handsome dark green leaves, have fine tooth edges like holly and are used in decoration when dried and sprayed for holiday arrangements. $10.95
Tamarindus Indica

TIT-09 pic
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Famous in Indian cuisine, is native to the dry regions of Asia and tropical Africa. The fruiting pods are heavily seeded and provide a tart/sweet sticky pulp that is prized as an ingredient for curries, chutneys, soups, and drinks. It has also been very important in Asian culture in uses for dyes, medicine and timber with beautiful tan woods that are very durable and prized for furniture. A great tree for landscape in hot areas. $16.95
Eriobotrys Japonica

JCT-16 pic
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Indigenous to South Eastern China. A large evergreen shrub/tree 10 to 15' with elliptical - lanceolate thick, dark green, glossy leaves on top and hairy white/rusty beneath. Small sweetly scented flowers are borne in fall-early winter, at the end of it's branches and to follow are 1 to 1 " round ,downy, yellow/orange fruits that are tangy and sweet and of excellent flavor. It is eaten as fresh fruit out of hand or used in pies, jam and wine. A wonderful fruit for the home orchard! $14.95
Casimiora Edulis
"Yellow Sapote "
( Suebell )

YSS-17 pic
(Full Size)
Native to central Mexico, the sapote forms a medium size tree 15 to 30', foliage is glossy bright green, palmately compounded with leaves 5 to 6" long. Growth is very rapid , flowers are small green/yellow and odorless borne in terminal clusters, giving way to large 3"sweet delicious yellow fruits that has the consistency and texture of custard. Fruits are high in carbohydrates, low in acids. Trees are hermaphrodite and do not need another for pollination. A very tasty fruit! $14.95
Murraya Koeniggi
"Curry Leaf"

CLP-30 pic
(Full Size)
A direct relative of the venerable neem plant ( Veppumaram ) the curry leaf is used in Keralite cuisine as a seasoning and flavor enhancer, it is also used in Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, dishes and it's leaves added to curries at the last stage called ( kaduku varakkal) not a particular large plant 2 to 3' it has dark green leaves with small spiny edges. Temperatures should be 45 degrees and higher .Water when soil is dry to the touch, fertilise spring and summer months only. $15.95