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Sold in 3.5" pots rooted plants from May to October or rhizome from November to April

Pendulous bracts of purple, yellow and white and vivid colored flowers are adorn on the small petite plants, sometimes called Dancing Girls or Ladies. Short 1' to 3' they can be grown in containers or garden. They prefer filtered sunlight, moist soil and average feeding. A summer/fall bloomer they go dormant for the winter to rest, as warmer temperatures approach new growth beings May-June. Fertilize in early spring. Look for new varieties for mid 97.
Globba Winitti
(Muave Dancing Girl)

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One of the most beautiful gingers in cultivation is the Dancing Girl, which is so graceful and delicate a real treasure among gingers. This small compact shade loving plant 1' to 1 1/2' bares delicate pendant sprays of lavender bracts from which appear golden yellow orchid like flowers that resemble tiny dancing girls (or boys). We have had it bloom twice in one year spring and summer. Root hardy! Goes dormant for the winter. $7.95
Globba Schomburkii

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Delicate golden flowers in clusters emerge from yellow pendent bracts on a 1 1/2' to 2' tall plant. Plants will make large colonies of bulblis. Root hardy! A very lovely ginger! $5.95
(White Dragon)

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A very new introduction with thin dainty foliage and pure white pendent bracts and white flowers, similar in shape and size as Globba Winitti. Root hardy. Spectacular show! $7.95