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(Heliconia sold as rhizome root sections)
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Heliconia Lathispatha
(Orange Gyro)

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Another hardy variety from Southern Mexico and widely cultivated around the world. Bright orange over most of the entire bract with green keel terminal leaf and rachis. Height 5' to 16'. Full sun to 50% shade. Cool hardy! $18.95

Heliconia Lingulata (Fan)

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A very open bract of yellow to yellow green on the cheeks with light red to orange on the distal parts of the lower fan shaped bract. Height 5' to 7'. Full sun to 40% shade. $20.95

Heliconia Orthorica (Macus Pink)

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Beautiful pinkish/red upright spiraling bract with green to black strip on the upper distal keel. Height 4' to 10'. Full sun to 50% shade. Blooming anytime of the year. $24.95

Heliconia Orthotrica / Stricta
(Splash and Burn)

(Picture Not Available)

Upright red and yellow bracts with green margins. Outrageous! $24.95

Heliconia Orthotrica / Stricta
(Wag Superba)

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Bracts red/pink on cheeks and green on keel, lip, tip and upper base, cream yellow at the lower base blooming October to December. Height 2' to 4'. Full sun to 30% shade. Very nice! $22.95

Heliconia Orthotrica / Stricta
(Dorado Gold)

HC-24 pic
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Yellow over most of the bract with small elongated splash of light pink on the distal cheek, a narrow green band lip, tip and keel. Very lovely! Height 3' to 5'. Full sun to 40% shade. $18.95

Heliconia Orthorica / Stricta
(Oriole Orange)

(Picture Not Available)

Beautiful fat bright orange bract with greenish lip, tip and margins. $18.95

Heliconia Stricta

HC-26 pic
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Lobster claw, slightly spiraled base and cheek with narrow maroon/green margins on upper lip and tip. Height 3' to 5'. Full sun to 30% shade. $18.95

Heliconia Stricta

HC-27 pic
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Red/orange over most of the bract, yellow at the base and upper lower bract. Green margins on distal lip and tip. Bract very shiny! Height 3' to 5'. $19.95


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A thin opened bract from Southern Mexico and cultivated in California, Florida and Arizona. Its bracts are red and sepals yellow green. The most hardy Heliconia there is! Height 5' to 8'. $18.95

Heliconia Psitticorum x Marginata

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A larger variety in the Psitticorum family, this beautiful Heliconia with pink/red over most of the keel and cheek and yellow on the lip, tip and part of the base. Golden sepals. Height 3' to 5'. Full sun to 40% shade. $13.95

Heliconia Psitticorum x Spathocircinata
(Alan Carle)

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Yellow on most of the cheek and green on the lower keel with yellow/green sepals. Height 3' to 5'. Full sun to 20% shade. $16.95

Heliconia Psitticorum x Spathocircinata

HC-31 pic
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Shades of orange in its bracts. A larger variety of Psitticorum to 5'. $16.95

Heliconia Psitticorum cv.

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A very pretty reddish orange bract, shading to pink with a white frosting color at the base. Semi-dwarf its height is 4' to 6'. Flowers are long lasting like all Heliconias. $9.95

Heliconia Psitticorum cv.

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Pastel pink bracts, lighter at the base, darkening toward the tips. 3' to 6'. $9.95

Heliconia Psitticorum cv.

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A very attractive plant with dark red at the tips shading to light red on the lower half. Sepals are orange with black and green bands and orange tips. Semi-dwarf height 4' to 6'. Full sun to 30% shade. Great for pot culture! $9.95

Heliconia Psitticorum cv.
(Keanea Red)

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Bracts are deep orange to red. Full sun to 30% shade. Height 3' to 5'. $9.95

Heliconia Psitticorum cv.

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Blooming from April to November, this semi-dwarf Heliconia is nicely decorated with its bract of dark red and shading down to pink, with cream yellow sepals banded green/black at the tips. Height 2 1/2' to 5'. Full sun to 40% shade. Striking color! $9.95

Heliconia Psitticorum cv.
(Strawberries and Cream)

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Beautiful frosty cream colored bracts, shading to pinkish mauve to the tips. Its sepals are cream colored with green/black bands. Semi-hardy. Height 3' to 5'. Full sun to 30%. One of our favorites! $9.95
Heliconia Bihai
(Giant Lobster Claw)
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A large heliconia 8' to 14' dark red over most of the cheek (darkest distally) green lip and tip extending to the keel. bracts is shiny and smooth.  $30.95
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Lobster claw shaped with 18 to 22 bracts per racemes, red over most of the bract, with a narrow green lip and yellow streaks beneath its green keel and tip. Rachis is dark red in between bracts. Height 5' to 12'.  $32.95
Heliconia Wagneriana
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Widely cultivated throughout Central America, blooms may appear from Jan.- Sept. Bracts are somewhat variable, bright red areas cover most of the cheek, surrounded by pale green along the lip keel and tip, yellow areas at the base. Height 5' to 15', long blooming season.s  $32.95
Heliconia Stricta
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A dwarf variety 4' to 7' with beautiful red bracts with narrow green margins along distal lip and keel, leaves have a reddish stripe along the lower midrib.s  $25.95
Heliconia Orthotrica cv.
(Edge of Night)
5' to 15'. A fantastic heliconia with crimson red bracts on the cheek and dark green on its lip, tip and keel. its bract surface is often covered by soft velvety hairs.s  $42.95
Heliconia Indica cv.
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Originally from the South Pacific Islands this variety is known for its beautiful variegation of rose pink, red and green with lateral striations (stripes). Bracts are pale green with thin red margins mottled red and green. One of the most beautiful heliconias on earth!   $42.95
Psitticorum "Sassy"

HC-44 pic
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H.Psitt.cv.Kaleidoscope A captivating and splendid variety with vivid orange arise from it's apple-green yellow and pink hued bracts, blooming from April-November. Height to 3' in partial sun (to full) Providing humidity is helpful. One of our favourite psitticorums! $11.95

(Picture Not Available)

"Cold Hardy" An amazing new heliconia that was collected at a high elevation in Ecuador, surviving temperatures in the 30's maybe even colder. A great variety for cooler tropical gardens! $25.95

HC-46 pic
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A superb large growing heliconia with bracts, red to pink over cheeks and keel, yellow at the base and proximal lips, green on distal keel, lip and tip. Foliage is bright green with a white waxy coating on stems and lower surface of leaf blade. Very large flowering bract and is used in lavished floral displays. Full sun to 40% shade, blooming April-Dec. Height 13' to 15'. $32.95
"Irrasa Yellow-Red"

HC-47 pic
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A sensational variety for limited space, semi dwarf with a height of only 3' to 4'. Bracts are red, orange to yellow with a thin golden lip and lime green lower cheeks. Banana like leaves with white midribs on upper surface. One of our best! $25.95

HC-48 pic
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A very different looking heliconia with spiralled upright bracts of yellow-orange, yellow-gold rachis and some pink-orange sepals. Green-yellow distally, ovary light green turning darker with age. After blooming it seeds very heavily producing green seeds that turn dark purple when ripe. Height 5' to 10'. Full sun to 30% shade. $25.95
"Cinnamon Twist"

HC-49 pic
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A stately upright heliconia with red bracts shading to garnet toward tips with yellow-green stripes along lip or only thin yellow along lip and tip, basal bract mostly green-yellow. Foliage green with scarlet midrib and stem. Wonderful cut flower! $29.95
Heliconia Caribea x Bihai
"Bubble Gum"

HC-50 pic
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A spectacular heliconia with bracts that are lobster claw shaped and have a bubblegum pink/red color. Medium height to 8 to10í. Leaves are heavily corrugated. One of our favourites! $42.95
Heliconia Hirsuta sp.

HC-51 pic
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A rapid grower that produces reddish-orange bracts on a gyro pattern up itís slim rachis . Multiplies quickly as itís rhizomes send many stalks up at a time. Height 5 to7í. A great heliconia for quick growth and landscape. $16.95
Heliconia Champneiana
"Maya Blood"

HC-52 pic
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A fairly hardy heliconia from Southern Mexico, itís bracts are large and alternate up itís long rachis. Bracts are dark to light red, often with orange on the cheeks. Foliage is large with a maroon midrib on the underside of itís leaves. Height 7 to 13í . We have tested this variety for hardiness to 35 degrees. One of our favourites! $32.95
Heliconia Spathocircinata cv.
"Golden Torch"

HC-53 pic
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A great heliconia with golden yellow bracts, green keel and tips, rachis golden yellow, with red areas at the base. Blooms almost a year. Full sun to 40% shade. Height 5 to 7í $14.95
Heliconia Caribea

HC-54 pic
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A tall large heliconia 12 to 16í. Golden yellow bracts, shading to bright yellow on the cheeks giving it a two tone effect, stems, leaf sheaths and underside of itís foliage has a white waxy coating, giving them a frosted appearance. A wonderful large heliconia for large areas. $28.95
Heliconia Gloriosa
"Satin Glory"

HC-55 pic
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An amazing new heliconia! Found in Peru and to be one of the rarest in the world! Gorgeous foliage that is dark green with a satin sheen and darker green lines running through itís pleated foliage. On the underside a satiny dark maroon which only accents itís top side. Inflorescent is tall and fan shaped , multicoloured. 6 to 8í Simply one of natures miracles. $225.95
Heliconia Caribea
"Richmond Red"

HC-56 pic
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Rich blood red bracts, with maroon at the lower base, yellow lip on lower bracts and upper bract, green along itís distal keel. Foliage is banana like with waxy white coating on stems and lower midrib. Very rich in color! Height 9 to15í $25.95
Heliconia Bihai
"Jaded Forest"

HC-57 pic
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A very unusual color for heliconia, sporting medium to dark green bracts that begin blooming from June- October. Height 6 to15í. From St. Lucia / Barbados. $32.95

HC-58 pic
(Full Size)
A sensational clumping heliconia, known for itís beautiful shimmering metallic purple and green foliage, foliage cups upward revealing both green and metallic for a sensational contrast. Flowering bracts are light green on cheeks, yellow and green on rachis with large red sepals. Foliage is amazing! $17.95