Musa Banana (Fruiting)

Grown in 8 inch pots sold as bare rooted plants

Bananas are becoming more popular everyday, there fun to grow and one of the easiest ways to create a tropical setting. Very quick to mature, most bananas produce in their second year when given care. Known for their delicious fruit, their many tastes and textures, most are better than those purchased at the market. All bananas love full to partial sun and generous amounts of water and fertile soil. A regular fertilizing program is highly recommended to maintain productive healthy growth and to produce the largest bananas possible. When starting bananas from a corm, it is always essential to have good drainage. The soil should be slightly moist not soggy. Careful monitoring of water is a must in the rooting stage to avoid rotting. When container planting we recommend that you give at least 3" to 4" of space between the corm and the sides of the container or it can be planted directly in the garden when temperatures reach 50 degrees or warmer.

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A very tall and striking plant to 25'. It rapidly produces a medium size bunch small but delicious fruit. From planting 15-18 months till harvest. $17.95
Burro or Bluggo

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Wildly grown, this banana produces large bunches of tasty cooking bananas. Height 16' to 18' $22.95

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Possibly the hardiest and most vigorous banana we have. It quickly forms a large stand of plants for a tropical effect, fruit is great fresh, but is primarily and excellent cooking banana. Bears medium bunches of large angular fruit. Height 12' to 16'. $17.95
Colorado Blanco

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Having similar qualities to the Jamaican Red in its growth, fruit character and quality. A desirable ornamental plant reaching a mature height of 20' to 25' tall. $25.95
Dwarf Brazillian

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Having fruit with same delicious flavor as the Brazillian. The Dwarf is perfect where height of heavy winds are a problem. This 10' to 15' tall plant produces 25 to 50 lbs. of 4" 6" long bananas. $22.95
Enanao Gigante

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An excellent Cavindish cultivar and heavy producer of sweet delicious fruit. Commercially grown in Mexico and Central America. It adapts very well to our conditions. Semi-dwarf height 10' to 12'. $25.95
Golden Pillow

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A slender plant which will thrive in a sheltered location. Similar in appearance to Manzano but with more pink in the leaves. Fruit is small but very delicious. Height 12' to 16' and harvest in 18 to 24 months. $17.95
Haa Haa

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A striking plant which bears medium bunches of delicious fruit with orange flesh. A rare form of the Iholena Family. Height 10' to 12'. $22.95
Hua Moa

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A beautiful Hawaiian variety with average bunches of short plump fruit to 4" in diameter. Fruit may be eaten fresh or cooked. Likes filtered sun with ample moisture. World's best cooking banana. Height 10' to 12'. $17.95
Ice Cream

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With texture similar to ice cream. This plant produces medium bunches of silvery blue bananas that are very delicious fresh or cooked. Mature height 15' to 20'. Harvest times is in 18 to 24 months. $17.95

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Hawaiian in heritage, this cooking banana is of excellent quality. A sturdy vigorous plant which produces large bunches of fruit. Mature height is 16'. $25.95

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One of the fastest producers of both fruit and tropical foliage. It develops small bunches of 3" to 6" long fruit are full of flavor, but must be allowed to ripen fully. Eaten fresh or cooked, harvest time is 15 months. $17.95

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An Indian banana of exceptional hardiness. It produces long, heavy bunches of sweet plump bananas. Height 14' to 16' tall. $25.95

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A very ornamental plant which produces heavy bunches of sweet flavorful bananas. Tall and multicolored reddish purple trunk, leaf petioles and underside of the leaf make this a beautiful banana. 20 months until harvest. Height 15' to 18'. $17.95
Pisang Raja

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A large hardy variety which bears medium bunches of exceptionally high quality fruit. The plant tolerates wind and cold well. $17.95

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This well liked Hawaiian variety which produces plump salmon pink fruit with a delicious apple like flavor. It is a slender plant which likes a sheltered location with filtered light. Height 14' $22.95

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An outstanding variety which can handle the wind and cold. It quickly produces a medium bunch of sweet, high quality fruit. Mature height is 8' to 10'. $22.95
Red Iholena

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One of the most beautiful banana plants due to its attractive coloring of red and purple on the trunk and under sides of the leaves. The pink fleshed bananas are delicious fresh or cooked and is our favorite Hawaiian variety. Mature height is 25'. $23.95
White Iholena

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Without the intense coloration of the Red Iholena, this is still a striking plant. Medium size head of very flavorful pink fleshed bananas. A hardy plant with a mature height of 13'. $23.95
Thousand Fingers

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This fantastic banana grows 12' to 14', producing many hundreds
of sweet 1.5" fruits on long 8' racemes. A great conversation banana.
Grand Nain

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 A wonderful banana producing 50 to 75 lbs. of "Chiquita" (Central American type) bananas on a 6' to 8' plant. Highly attractive for its landscape and wind resistance.  $22.95
Dwarf Red Jamaican

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 A beautiful and outstanding dwarf variety with dull red leaves and trunk producing excellent quality maroon colored fruit with sweet orange flesh. Height 6' to 8' $18.95

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From New Guinea, this banana produces one of the most delicious tasting bananas around! Strong and sturdy 10' to 12' its foliage and trunk have deep shades of red pigmentation, its fruit is also red/green cast.  $22.95
"African Rhino"

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A tall and slender plantain, to 18' with large finger type bananas 2' in length. Trunk and leaves have attractive red coloration. Fruit can be cooked or eaten out of hand. Very attractive! $18.95
Ele Ele

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Outstanding Hawaiian variety with a blackish purple cast to it's leaf sheaths, petioles and midrib. Tall variety to 20' producing large bunches of delicious orange fleshed fruits. Very sturdy withstanding well to winds. Excellent for cooking or eating! $25.95

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Clumping tightly banana producing stiff waxy buttery yellow inflorescence lasting several months at a time. 2 to 3 inflorescences on each plant. Banana of cold hardiness down to the teens. Great for the northern tropical plant gardener! $27.95
Musa Basjoo
Fiber Banana"

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An amazing banana! Believed to be the worlds most cold hardiest banana. Hardy planted in the ground to 20'F with a protective mulch. Long slender bright green leaves on a 10' to 12' trunk, inflorescence is absolutely beautiful as the yellow sheaths peel to reveal it's flowers and bananas. A must for the tropical gardener in cool to cold winter climates. $18.95

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A unique looking banana, itís fruit resembling tennis balls in shape and size, more round than long . Flavor is excellent and quite tasty! $17.95
Monkey Finger

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A very unusual banana! Long racemes 5 to 6í producing long, skinny, tart tasting bananas that cover the entire length of itís raceme, like chain links. A must for the serious collector ! $17.95
Double Mahoi

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Rare and hard to find, has the ability to produce 2 or more bunches of sweet bananas at the same time. Dwarf stature 5 to7í. Mahoi means twin in Hawaiian. A must for serious collectors! $17.95