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Palms and Cyads

Rooted plants in 3.5" pots
Palms And Cyads

Majestic! Palms grown in containers make excellent tub subjects for cold winter climates,where they can be brought indoors and enjoyed throughout the winter.
Cocos Plumosa
(Queen Palm)

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Straight trunk to 30' arching bright green feathery type textured leaves in fronds 10' long. Fast grower, can be grown indoors in containers with bright light. Very tropical and lovely! Very hardy. $10.95
(California Fan Palm)

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A very fast grower to 60'. It can handle desert heat into the 100's and temperatures as low as freezing, very drought tolerant, but will thrive in moist soil as well, as leaves mature and dry, they bend downward to form a petticoat or hat of thatch. Very noble tree! $9.95
Chamaerops Humilis (Mediterranean Fan Palm)

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Hardy palm has survived temperatures of 6 F. Height 20' to 40' and 20' wide. leaves are fan shaped bluish green and can be grown in containers. Drought and wind resistant. $10.95
Chamadorea Siefrizii
(Bamboo Palm)

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Easily grown in shade. This reed like trunk palm grows in cane segments which gives the impression of bamboo with small palm leaves. hardy to 30 F. Height 6' to 10'. $10.95
Cycas Revoluta
(Sago Palm)

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Not a true palm but a cyad that has an airy lacy appearance similar to a fern. Slow growers to 10' they are primitive cone bearing plant related to conifers. Stiff feather like leaves grow out in rosettes while young, then becoming long shiny leaves 2' to 3' long divided into many narrow segments. Choice container or bonsai plant useful for a tropical look! Average water. hardy to 15 F. $9.95
Archontophoenix Alexandrae
"King Palm"

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Moderate growth to 40', full sun on coast or part shade inland. The self cleaning, ringed trunk is topped by feathery leaves on long arching fronds, making a spectacular look for any garden. Excellent when planted in groups of three. Once established can be hardy to 25 degrees. $17.95
Howea Forsteriana
"Kentia Palm"

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From the Lord Howe Islands near Australia . Slow growth to 35', full sun on the coast only, shade inland. Also useful for indoor culture . Graceful rich green leaflets droop along the 8 to 10' fronds, giving it a weeping appearance. Eventually forms a glossy green ringed trunk from old leaf scars. Wonderful for planting in groups. Very Tropical look $17.95
Carota Urens
"Fish Tail Palm"

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From the high mountains on Thailand ; near Cambodia . Grows to 30' Founds up to 20' long are lined with wide leaflets in the shape of fish tails . Eventually forms a broad trunk covered with dark brown hairs. Makes a very beautiful umbrella of shade. Hardy to low 20's. $17.95
Roystonea Regia
"Cuban Royal Palm"

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A very stately native of Cuba, named for General Roy Stone, an American engineer in Puerto Rico. This stately trees are smooth ringed, light grey, with a straight majestic 30' trunk .Usually planted in rows. Hardy to32' $17.95
Neodypsis Decaryi
"Triangle Palm"

PT-10 pic
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From Madagascar off the coast of Africa. Slow growth to 18 to 20' mature. One of the most unique palms without a doubt, the blue/grey feathery leaves are keeled and arranged in three ranks, forming three distinct sides or plains. The 15' fronds are very upright ,with a slight arch at the tip. Will do well in areas that may receive frost occasionally . Drought tolerant once established. $17.95
Ravenala Madagascariensis
"Travellers Palm"

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Travellers palms are not palms but related to the banana. They hold a large reserve of water in the leaf bases from which travellers could drink, but it would be a mighty desperate soul to partake of insect and debris laden cocktail contained in this travellers "Oasis". The distinctive flat fan, formed by leafs and leaf bases makes the travellers palm a popular and unique ornamental. Plants grow very rapidly to 20' or more. $17.95