Pendent Heliconia

Inflorescence bract and flower characters of heliconias Inflorescence characters of heliconias
Figures reprinted from Heliconia, An Identification Guide, With permission of the author Fred Berry

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A very vigorous and semi-hardy variety from Southern Mexico. Widely cultivated it has dark red to orange red bracts that hang down about 2'. Its sepals are white and yellow. Height 5' to 16'. Full sun to 50% shade. it makes a beautiful tropical landscape plant. $22.95
Heliconia Chartacea (Sexy Pink)

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A gorgeous pendent Heliconia of carmine pink at the base and on 2/3 of the cheek and keel has a narrow pale green lip and tip. The rachis is a mandarin red. Its foliage is banana like leaves with a waxy coating on most of the stems. Height 6' to 16'. Full sun to 50% shade. Simply ravishing! $28.95
(Marginata Lutea)

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Pendent spiral bracts of solid yellow very thin and pointed, its rachis is alight yellow green. Height 6' to 12'. $25.95
Heliconia Pendula

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Blooming July to November. Pinkish red on lower half of the cheek and red on the upper half. It has light clear white frosting from the bottom up. Yellow lip and tip and deep red rachis. Stunning! Height 6' to 16'. Semi-hardy. $25.95
Heliconia Pendula
(Red Waxy)

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Widely cultivated, its bracts are pendulous, dull red to pink with white sepals. Semi-hardy. One of our favorites! Height 6' to 12'. $25.95
Heliconia Rostrata (Peru)

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Pendent bracts of red bleeding into yellow lip and green tip. Full sun to 50% shade. A semi-hardy variety 3' to 20'. Blooms year round! $13.95
"She Kong"

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A magnificent cultivator from Columbia, inflorescence are red and "woolly" with cinnamon hairs, creating an astonishing pendulous bract. Banana leaves to 6' or larger. Breath taking! $47.95

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A marvellous heliconia from the South Americas, beautiful red to pink upper with yellow extending on to the cheek and base, green on distal cheek, bracts covered with buff hairs and cream colored ovary and pedicals, blooming June-Nov. Height 7' to 15'. Truly a beauty! $45.95

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Blooming almost all year from Jan.-Aug. height 12' to 20' Amazing red pendant bracts with yellow at the base near rachis. A collectors dream! $45.95

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The most amazing heliconia to date! Bracts are pendant and bright yellow to yellow-green with silvery yellow woolly hairs covering the entire bract. Height 10' to 17' full sun to 50% shade. Foliage green musoid. It is truly breath taking! $135.95
x Platystachys

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A glorious heliconia with spiralled long pendant red bracts with yellow tips shading to green. A fantastic variety from Costa Rica. Banana like leaves with a white waxy coating on stems, midrib and lower leaf blades. Height 12' to 15' blooming Feb.- Oct. with peak July-Sept. $45.95

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Near perfection! This beautiful heliconia from Columbia sports a pendant fuzzy bract of yellow and red looking as though it is on fire. An exception variety! Rare. $45.95
"Dwarf Rostrata"

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A true dwarf variety of standard H.Rostrata that was obtained in Hawaii, it flowers easily at 3' to 5' even it container culture. It has the same appearance and characteristics as standard rostrata except it's inflorescence is smaller and shorter. A great new cultivator for gardeners with limited space! $13.95
"JD. Hooker"
X- Pogonantha

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This native of Costa Rica is incredible with super long pendant bracts of red, red rachis and faint yellow at tips and pink at the base. Large banana like leaves with a maroon tint near petiole of lower leaf midrib. Height 12' to 18' blooming almost all year. $35.95
Heliconia Griggsiana
"Blue Moon"

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A spectacular large pendulous heliconia , with bracts greyish green and golden yellow. It's underside of it's foliage has a white frosting. Height 8'. $37.95
Heliconia Griggsiana
"Full Moon"

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A magnificent large pendulous heliconia, with bracts purplish black and frosted white, rachis red with yellow keel and red tips. Coins the appearance of a large tropical bird. Height 8' $37.95
Heliconia Ameygdiana
"Lavender Storm"

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A sensational pendulous heliconia from Peru, that can acquire a height of 4 to 6' tall that spiral around it's bracts that are royal purple on long yellow rachis. Seeds heavily . A great heliconia! $24.95

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Very rare and gorgeous pendant heliconia from Ecuador. It has beautiful dark burgundy-red bracts and lemon yellow rachis between each bract. Height 8' to 12' at maturity. $34.95