Sold in 3.5" pots rooted or rhizomes depending on availability

Native to Central and South America, the Renealmia species are the cousins to the Alpinia, its leaves have a fragrant gingerly scent and are not as cold hardy as the Alpinia species. Its bracts and inflorescence are either terminal or basal depending on variety.

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Awesome orange and yellow bracts combine together to make this ginger a real treat! Its bracts are terminally hard and waxy resembling a pineapple, bracts can range from 5" to 1' tall. Foliage is light green and wavy on the edges with a very gingerly scent when crushed. Height to 6'. Prefers mild temperatures or greenhouse. $15.95
Cernua Spp.
"Free Red"

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A recently collected spp. with orange and red bracts that are hard and waxy resembling a small pineapple, height 5' to 7' tall, it's foliage is light green with wavy edges, with a wonderful gingerly scent when brushed against. A spectacular show in bloom! Great for cut flower! $15.95
Renealmia Cernua
"Yellow Spike"

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A ginger from Costa Rica ,with a coarse like skin on it's lower stems, growing 5 to7' in a tight clumping form. Very showy, yellowish flowers are produced terminally. Flowers have distinct camphor scent. $12.95