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"Tropical Shrubs"
"All are rooted plants in 4" containers"

Coloccasia Esculenta Illustris

BM-21 pic
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Native to the Himalayas, It is a tuberous herb with soft Pilate leaves. Color is a dull emerald green with purple blotches between the veins. Stalks are pale and marked in brown. Can take temps down to 45 F $13.95

Coloccasia Esculenta
"Black Magic"

BM-20 pic
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Native to tropical Asia and Polynesia, fast growing heart shaped dark-black/green leaves add a lush effect to any tropical planting in one season. Tubers may be left in ground where soil doesn't freeze. Beautiful!!! Partial shade to shade, hardy zone 7. $13.95
Tibouchina Urvilleana
"Princess Flower"
PF-01 pic
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Rich dark velvet purple saucer shaped flowers with long curly stamens behold this beautiful shrub throughout the spring and summer months. Leaves are a velvety bronze green which highlights its spectacular blossoms. Medium size shrub; can be pruned to shape, evergreen in mild climates. $12.95

CF-01 (white)
CF-02 (purple)

Calotropis Gigantea
"Crown Flower"

white crown pic
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purple crown pic
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The first time that you encounter this draught tolerant shrub may be its novel flowers strung into Lei's that are placed around your neck. These floral crowns are composed of 5 downward pointing; twisted petals that mimic a miniature royal crown. Its leaves are light green and fuzzy, with a downy fuzz on the underside. Very hardy low 40's and drought tolerant. Attracts butterflies because it's actually in the milkweed family. Height to 6' and can be pruned to shape. As legend says " Kama the god of love shoots arrows of the crown flower buds into the heart".

Available in:Purple and White

Gardenia Taitensis
"TiareTahitian Gardenia"

TT-01 pic
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Native to the highland shores of the South Pacific, Tiare Tahiti has the distinction of being one of the few cultivated plants native to Polynesia. The intoxicating sweet fragrant blossoms are creamy white; 7 pedaled, pinwheel shaped works of art. Foliage is beautiful as well with its dark green shiny leaves. Grows to 4'. One of our favorites for fragrance! A warm growing tropical. $25.95
Hibiscus Schizopetalus
" Aloalo Ko'akoa"
aloalo ko'ako'o pic
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This east African native shrub grows with gracefully arching branches to 6'. Its pendant red flowers have highly lacy fringed petals that bend upwards and back with a staminal column hanging down. A very prized hibiscus! 14.95
Hibiscus Arnottianus
"Kokia Keokeo"
( Native White Hibiscus)

HIB-02 Pic
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A small tree grown in the rain forest area's of it's native habitat; it adapts to the life of dry lowlands but never achieves the moss draped and sinuous form of the wild plants. Its pure white blossoms are beautifully complimented by dark green foliage and subtle fragrance. 15.95
Cassia Xnealae
"Rainbow Shower Tree"
rainbow shower tree pic
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This popular landscaping tree is the result of the cross between a pink and white shower and a golden shower tree. This hybrid produces copious cascading blooms of peach / orange to red / blushed orange from March to August. The showiness of it's blooms are so magnificent that anyone witnessing the spectacle is left with a lasting impression. Mostly evergreen they grow in climates from cool to tropical. A very beautiful landscape tree or potted specimen. Can be grown indoors and pruned to shape. Size to 20'. 18.95
Fagraea Berteriana
"Pua keni keni "
( Perfume Flower Tree)

pua keni keni pic
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Native to the South Pacific the Pua keni keni grows into a small spreading tree or a large shrub; the branches quad-angular, with blunt tipped leaves and amazingly fragrant 3" tubular shaped flowers of creamy white which turn golden orange as the day longs. Flowers are popular for making Lei's and the Hawaiian translation means " ten cent flower" which is what the flower once sold for. Sub-tropical to tropical growing conditions. Hardy to the high 40's.
"Candle Bush"
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A gorgeous sprawling bush 7' to 8' tall. Native to Central America, its foliage is pennant shaped, leaves grace its upright clusters of showy yellow bracts of cascading flowers that cover the entire plant during its blooming season. An outstanding semi-tropical bush for a wonderful tropical background. 9.95
Scolopendria Plypodium
"Laua'e Fern"
(Pronouced la-why-e)
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Bearing fronds that resemble breadfruit leaves, the hardy Laua'e fern is one of the most beautiful and well known ferns throughout the Hawaiian islands, its snaky green stems intertwine at ground level with carpets of shiny indented finger-like leaves. Its leaves cab be as large as 2' long. Laua'e fern require moisture, warmth and shade to insure optimal growth. Cut fronds can last about a week for flower displays.  9.95
Mandevilla Sanderi cv.

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Spectacular and showy pink tubular flowers with pale yellow centers cover this free flowering shrub/vine. These plants are very popular outdoors in warm temperature to tropical climates and indoors cooler climates. Grows best in rich soil with a regular fertilizing program. 13.95 
 Cyathea Alsophila Cooperi
"Autralian Tree Fern"

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One of the fastest growing of this fairly hardy tree fern, can grow form 1' to 6' spread in one year, eventually 12' to 15'. Broad fronds are finely cut, bright green,chafe scales on trunk. Is hardy possibly to 20 degrees. 18.95 

SS-01 pic
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A bushy evergreen shrub 5' to 6' with green and yellow leaves having the appearance of being striped, with erect spikes of golden yellow flowers. This shrub is grown outdoors in warm temperate to tropical climates and indoors in in cool to cold climates. A beautiful native of South America! $12.95
"Persian Sheild"

PS-03 pic
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From Burma, a spectacular plant with unique foliage with 6" ovate leaves variegated with iridescent shades of blue, purple and silver. 1" violet flowers in terminal spikes. Height to 3'. Grows best in partial sun to shade, great for containers or the garden for tropical effect! $12.95
Brugmansia x
"Pink Trumpet"

PTV-01 pic
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(Brazil) Large pink flowers with a strong sweet scent on a vigorous branched small bush/vine. Flaring and nodding trumpet shaped flowers cover the entire plant, making a beautiful display throughout the entire growing season. $14.95
"Flore Pleno"
(Double White)

PTV-02 pic
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A spectacular display of double flowered trumpets like a flower within a flower, large velvety leaves grace this very exceptional plant. Prune to shape, Hardy tropical! $14.95
"Mini Crown

CMC-04 pic
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A fantastic new variety of crown flower with a combination of white and purple mini crowns on dwarf statured plant, same green fuzzy leaves as our standard variety of calotropis gigantea. Grows best in full sun with fast draining sandy soil. Great for making lei's! $18.95
Jasminum Nitidum
"Windmill Jasmine"

JS-06 pic
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Wonderfully sweet and powerfully fragrant 1" pinwheel shaped flowers cover this sensational plant in summer, fall and into winter, if temps. are moderate. Glossy green leaves are attractive throughout the year. Spreading, compact growth. Hardy to 28'F $11.95
Plant Spp."

AB-03 pic
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A large species of Amorphopallus, is most unusual with it's mottled, speckled, fleshy trunk. Can reach heights of 7' to 10'. Flower spath can be as tall as 3' coming up terrestrially from ground level. Leaves spiral around it's tall trunk, like a long umbrella. It's flowering spath is speckled brown outside and creamy white inside and pink throat and spadix. Not really know for it's fragrance it can be very rancid at the beginning of it's opening after that it's smell is less offensive. Seeds heavily after bloom. A very unusual and amazing plant. $17.95
Clivia Miniata
"Kaffir Lily"( orange )

CMO-06 pic
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Grown for itís fiery orange flowers and dark green wide leaves. An unforgettable plant when in bloom and a very nice addition where vivid color is wanted. Great for areas for areas of accent, borders and container culture. $13.95
Crinum Amabile
( Sumatra lily)" Queen Emma"

QE-08 pic
(Full Size)
A beautiful and handsome plant with spirally arranged succulent ,reddish strap like leaves to 5í in length, diameter of plant can be as wide as 3í to 4í across. Native to Sumatra Indonesia itís spidery, mauve purple, flowers are erect with thread like stamens. Fantastically fragrant and wonderful tropical effect for any garden. $25.95
Jasminoides Gardenia

JGM-09 pic
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This fragrant dwarf variety with itís thin shiny leaves and dense bushy growth habit that maintains itís stature with ease. Flowering throughout most of the year , itís most profuse in spring- fall. Flowers are pristine white with a loose rose like form . Intoxicating fragrance! $18.95
Gardenia sp.
"Golden Sweet Gardenia"

GSG-32 pic
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From Thailand, dark golden pinwheel shaped flowers 1 Ĺ" in diameter are extremely fragrant on this 3 to 4í shrub. Itís foliage is shiny and light green. Grows quite well in containers and garden and can be pruned to size needed. Flowers can last for days when picked and kept in water. One of our most favorite shrubs! $28.95
Wrightia Religiosa
"Religiosa White"

WRW-23 pic
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A enchanting shrub from Asia, with pure white, pendant, fragrant flowers in bunches along itís twiggy branches. Foliage is thin and hairy on both surfaces, can flower almost all year, easy to prune and shape to size. A popular ornamental tree/shrub in temples and houses in Asia. Stunning Fragrance! $25.95
Allamanda Cathartica
"Golden Trumpet"

GTV-23 pic
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With itís glossy green leaves and large to 4" trumpet shaped flowers, it lends a colorful accent to the landscape. It can be shaped as a shrub or trained to cover lattice or fences. We have grown and flowered it in container and in the ground and blooms continually throughout the hot summer months when color is needed. Hardy to 25 degrees. $11.95
Strophanthus Gratus
"Climbing Oleander"

GCO-19 pic
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A sturdy robust vine that produces large umbels of soft pink flowers with dark coral pink, frilly centers. Best of all is itís rich candy fragrance which itís blossoms emit. Grows 3 to 4í .Hardy to 40 degrees. $15.95
Hibiscus Malvaceae
"Swan Lake" ( H. Waimeae )

HIB-03 pic
(Full Size)
A constant bloomer with numerous flowers opening at once on mature plants, blooms are pure snow white, with delicately recurved petals and softly contrasting orange antlers, bushy, compact plants have attractive glossy dark green foliage, slight fragrance. Easily grown and lovely! $10.95