Many tropical plants to choose from


Sold in 3.5" pots rooted plants or rhizome depending on availability


Pleiostachya Pruinosa

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A tall plant 6' to 8' the stems which come from the main stalk are dark purple with large broad ribbed ovate leaves that are mottled purple on the underside, its in florescence appear midway on short axis off the stems in a fan shape that is similar to green wheat tufts which open up exposing light purple flowers and white centers. A real show stopper! $18.95
Dichorisandra Thrysifolia
(Blue Ginger)
DT-01 pic
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Not a true ginger, but borrows the same characteristics of arching stems with deep green leaves, showing a silvery variegation in the young leaves. Topped on terminal spikes is a tight clustered vibrant violet blue flower with a white center and yellow eye. Height 4' to 5'. Blooms late summer for months, light shade. Root hardy. Incredible! $8.95
Stromanthe Spp.
"Purple Wizard"

SPS-09 pic
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Were very excited to introduce 3 new spp. of stromanthe, relative to the calathea family, large wide semi pleated light green leaves grace this 3' to 5' vigorous grower, it's inflorescences protrude from the lower leaf axis of it's blades producing a deep burgundy purple inforescence upon opening it's bracts rise up the cane producing the effect of longer flower stalks. Absolutely beautiful! Very Rare! $25.95
Stromanthe Spp.
"Green Cigar"

SGC-10 pic
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Gorgeous large glossy paddle like pleated leaves on this very unusual stromanthe, it's flowering stems are burgundy purple, leading to light green cigar shaped bracts where creamy white inflorescences peek out throughout it's bracts. Very tropical and unusual! Hardy to mid 30's as with all other stomanthe. $25.95

SOS-11 pic
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Tall flowering spikes of fiery orange almost shell like bracts grace this beautiful 3' to 5' stromanthe, with large deeply pleated paddle like leaves, an interesting cut flower lasting weeks at a time . White pom-pom like flowers pop out intermittently among it's orange bracts. Partial sun to shade. Simply majestic! $25.95

HEL-01 pic
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Large banana like leaves grace this superb 5' to 7' plant, it's flowering bracts emerge terrestrially and through it's lower leaf blades axis, on canes that are cup shaped bronzy purple at tips to a frosted white at it's lower half. Inflorescence are blood red curving downward to produce a horn shaped effect. Rare and unusual! $28.95
"Giant Fuzzy

GFW-02 pic
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*Incredible large fuzzy bluish-green wheat like shaped bracts with royal purple flowers emerge through it's lower leaf blade axis creating a very unusual sight to behold. Foliage is greenish-purple on large paddle like leaves and burgundy purple on the undersides. Excellent cut flower! Height 5' to 7'. Partial sun. $22.95
"Holiday Bells"

PH-39 pic
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Unique and unusual this new ginger from the Solomon Islands has petite pendulous racemes of creamy golden bell like flowers in clusters that emerge from it's maroon stems. Stalks have a very coarse like texture almost bumpy. Definitely a collectors dream! $14.95
"Golden Brush"

BS-07 pic
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This beautiful small dwarf ginger from Borneo is crowned with golden-orange flowers with velvety deep green oval leaves and maroon undersides. Flowers open slowly for an extended bloom. Great for container growing! $9.95