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"Tropical Vines"

"sold as rooted plants"

Exquisite and hard to find, We are happy to include this array of wonderful tropical vines. The vines offered are semi-tropical to tropical and found throughout the Pacific Islands, Caribbean, Asia and South America. Most tropical vines are grown in partial shade and can climb to great heights in their natural habitat. We recommend that they be grown outdoors in partial shade / shade in the Spring / Summer months and brought indoors for Fall and Winter months. All vines can be grown as container plants. Vines require good draining soil; yet kept on the moist side, A fertilizer high in Phosphorus should be used in Spring to promote bud and flowering in the Summer / Fall.

Marsdenia Floribunda
"Stephanotis Vine"

SV-01 pic

Known as the Hawaiian Wedding flower, Which is traditionally used in bridal bouquets and haku's. Tubular waxy creamy white flowers are 3" long and emit an intoxicating, unforgettable sweet fragrance. Plants can be trained as a climbing bush or vine and flowers many times a year with an established watering and fertilizing program. Full to partial sun. $12.95

Strongylon Macrobotrys
"Jade Vine"

jade vine pic
(Full Size)

Flowers have a beautiful seagreen color that is almost beyond description. The bloom is a pendant, clustered birds beak like inflorescence up to 4 1/2 ft. long and puts on a spectacular show when in bloom. This Philippine Native is often used in Lei making. Can be grown indoors. Rare Tropical Vine. $27.95
Merremia Tuberosa
"Woodrose Vine" (Pilikai)

woodrose pic
(Full Size)
The yellow - orange flowered vine with soft woolly leaves is so named for it's light brown fruiting capsules which resembles a wooden rose. The dried woody pod is popular in floral arrangements and will last for years. Vines can reach 10' or more in one season. A tropical native with tuberous roots. $14.95

Impomea Horsfalliae
"Prince Kahio Vine"

prince kahio pic
(Full Size)

A west Indies native, but popularly named after Prince Kahio of Hawaii who grew and loved this plant on his Waikiki property. It bears mass clusters of brilliant florescent red tubular flowers with filaments. Flowers in late winter when all other vines are dormant. Outstanding vine for trellises and fences. Will take some cool temperatures to the 40's. $14.95

Thunbergia Mysorensis
"Acanthus Family"

TM-05 pic
(Full Size)

One of the most popular vines in the world; and rightly so. Spectacular long chains of yawning red and yellow flowers hang from this tropical looking vigorous twining vine. Its foliage is dark green, heavily veined. Excellent for arbors or trained along roof supports where hanging clusters of spectacular flowers may be admired at eye level. Successful outdoors in both Sub-tropical and tropical climates. Temperatures to low 40's. $14.95

Telosum Cordata
"Pakalana Vine"

PLV-06 pic
(Full Size)

There is no mistaking this vine with heart shaped leaves and small green flowers/yellow throat in many clumps along its slender vine. It's fragrance is said to be the most perfumed among local hawaiians, who cherish it's scent which women adorn in their hair. Can be grown in a hanging basket or trellis supported. Medium growth, will withstand temps to low 40's. Very hard to find! $22.95
Antigonon Leptopus
"Coral Vine"

(Full Size)
Free flowering clusters of shocking pink flowers grace this climbing vine native to Mexico and Central America these vines are quite hardy and will take a light frost, can grow in a wide range of soils. A fast growing vine.
(container grown in 3-3/4" pots).
Solandra Maxima
"Cup of Gold Vine"

(Full Size) 
Large golden yellow 6" to 8" flowers with distinct brownish purple stripes radiating out from the center creating and almost star like center. They are grown as ornamentals in climates from temperate to tropical, fast growing to 10' in one season, prune to produce lateral branching for more flowers.
(container grown in 3-3/4" pots).
"Hua Pala"

HPV-05 pic
(Full Size)
An evergreen climber which is native to South America is conspicuous during Dec-Mar. for it's clusters of pendant bright-orange 3" tubular flowers with 5" long lobes which curl back to reveal it's stamens. In Hawaii superstitious people will not plant the hua pala near their front door of there home, as in this location it's supposed to cause bad luck with their sweethearts. A spectacular display of color! Hardy to 35 F. $13.95

SCV-06 pic
(Full Size)
Outstanding and rare slender stemmed vine with fuzzy heart shaped leaves, which is native to tropical Africa, it's 2" tubular shaped flowers are large showy red-orange with a white and red stripped throat. Hardy to 32'F. Excellent for container, trellis or hanging baskets. Trim to keep in shape. An all time favourite of ours! $15.95
"Blue Sky

TGSF-01 pic
(Full Size)
Originally from India, it's probably the most striking blue flowered vine in the world, with a robust and twining habit producing long hanging clusters of 3" sky blue funnel shaped flowers from fall through spring, displayed throughout it's dense deep green foliage. Can be trellised or arbored to create a spectacular sight! Hardy to freezing. $12.95

TGA-02 pic
(Full Size)
Gorgeous white funnel shaped flowers with yellow centers adorn this relative of the famous blue sky flower, same growing habit as it's cousin, and just as vigorous. Rare and hard to find! $15.95
"Dutch Pipe"

ADP-03 pic
(Full Size)
Distinctive yet unusual, this great vine produces pelican like flowers netted purple and brown it's leaves are light green and heart shaped. A spectacular show when in bloom! Does tend to have a very strange odor from the flowers. Very showy! $9.95
Mucuna Bennetti
"Red Jade Vine"

RJV-03 pic
(Full Size)
Amazing long cascading clusters of brilliant red flowers chained together to form a 3' to 4' long raceme of splendour. It's much rarer than it's distant cousin (blue jade vine) but is very popular in gardens that accommodate this vine. Origin is New Guinea but flourishes in tropical to semi tropical regions as well. A must for the serious collector! $29.95
Artabotrys Hexapetalus
"Climbing Llang- Llang"

HCLL-18 pic
(Full Size)
Absolutely intoxicating fragrance! This species is native to tropical Asia. A medium size vine 8 to10', producing creamy white to canary yellow flowers that are extremely fragrant. Once picked they are very long lasting and holds it's scent for days, if kept in water, permeating an entire room. Grows best at temperatures 45 degrees and higher. One of favorites! $21.95
Lonicera Japonica Thumb
"Giant Burmese Honey Suckle"

LGB-20 pic
(Full Size)
Huge fragrant yellow and white tubular flowers cover this vine when in flower, an exceptional vine for covering eaves, arbors and walls in a single season. A wonderful vine attracting hummingbirds and others. $13.95
Quisqualis Indica
"Rangoon Creeper"

QRC-22 pic
(Full Size)
An extremely beautiful shrubby vine with pale-pink to deep crimson star shaped flowers that are borne in tight clusters, covering the entire plant when in full bloom. It's scent is unforgettable and very hard to pin point it's exact scent, but we would have to say' sweet, fruity and intoxicating! Grows best at temperatures of 40 degrees and above. Fairly hardy, One of our favorites for fragrance! $15.95
"White Delight"

MWD-27 pic
(Full Size)
Pure white trumpet shaped blooms, with a small buttery yellow throat, that blooms in abundance to create a spectacular display. This tropical vine is an excellent choice for any sunny location indoors or out, flowering spring- early fall. It's shiny green leaves and full growth habit makes it a great candidate for container, basket, or garden culture. $15.95
Mandevilla Dipladenia
"Yellow Sun"

MYS-28 pic
(Full Size)
Beautiful trumpet shaped canary yellow flowers engulf this vine with coarse dark leathery leaves when in flower from spring- early fall. Keep tips pinched to produce a more bushy plant. A great plant for covering walls, trellis and arbors. A real darling! $15.95
Hoya Publicalyx
"Hoya Vine " ( Hawaiian Royal Purple)

HV-07 pic
(Full Size)
Exceptional as an indoor plant, they show a tolerance to drier conditions of humidity and irregular watering. They are often found growing as epiphytes in tropical forest where they can withstand long periods of drought. With it's ease of culture and reliable flowering characteristics this species " Hawaiian Royal Purple" has sweetly scented, waxy blooms that emerge in clusters 3" in diameter with as many as 50 flowers per cluster. Blooms are a fuzzy, mauve purple with a white star in the center of each flower. Pretty much indestructible! $9.95
Dalechampia Dioscoraefolia
"Winged Beauty Vine"

DWBV-29 pic
(Full Size)
Outstanding sized bracts with an eye catching show of violet/pink crepe textured bracts, which oppose each other in a open flat bloom, often reaching 5" in length , flowering year round, with it's heaviest bloom in late summer. A real summer show off ! Excellent when trellised supported. $11.95