Sold in 3.5" pots rooted or rhizomes depending on availability

Zingibers have highly aromatic leaves and rhizomes, one species produces edible ginger used in cooking. In Pacific Islands and Asia, leaves and rhizomes are used to flavor meats and fish and make medicines and shampoo. Some varieties of the Zingiber family include beautiful variegated foliage, beehive shaped bracts or even berries. An easy to grow member of the ginger family, they love heat and humidity but prefer shade of filtered sun to look their best. Some varieties are evergreen, while other take a winter rest.
Zingiber Spectablis
(Beehive Ginger)

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Commonly called beehive, this medium to tall species has a large yellow and red inflorescence of a beehive shape. Used in the cut flower industry and very long lasting. Inflorescence are borne on short stalks coming from the ground rather than on top of its foliage. It grows to 8' in medium sun. Very hardy to Zone 9. Very tropical! $13.95
Zingiber Zerumbet
(Dwarf Waimanalo Pinstripshell)

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Ideal for a great accent plant or handsome container subject. This ginger has beautiful white pinstripes that mark the entire green leaves, foliage is excellent for arrangements. Very hardy! Height 2' to 4'. $10.95
(Mioga Dwarf)

mioga dwarf pic
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Native to Japan, this edible ginger is grown for its flowers and new shoots. The light yellow flowers are eaten in tempura and new shots are used in garnish. It is a very hardy species that is even grown in parts of Canada. Blooms mid to late summer on basal inflorescence. It grows to 2' in medium sun. $11.95
Zingiber Zerumbet
(Shampoo Ginger)

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This species is the common "Shampoo Ginger" It is used to make both Paul Mitchell and Freeman's shampoo. Its common name in Hawaii is "Awapuhi" and produces a large green cone bract in mid summer, after blooming its bract begins turning scarlet red working its way up the cone and last for weeks. The bract resembles a pine cone which releases a thick sudsy juice when squeezed with a very gingerly scent, and can also be used as an unusual cut flower for arrangements. Grows 5' to 7' in medium sun. $6.95
Zingiber Sp.
"Burmese Ruby"

burmese ruby pic
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Outstanding and rare species from Thailand. Its foliage is emerald green and emits a spicy ginger scent. Basal cone with spike grows from the ground 12" to 16" and is a intense bloodred. Grows 4' to 6' ft., partial sun. Hardy to zone 9 or higher. A collectors dream! $19.95

ZB-06 pic
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A total knockout! Inflorescences almost seems that it was sculptured, bract tips are ruby red with lime green translucent bases emerging from it's cup like bracts and small purple flowers that peek out intermittently. Makes a excellent cut flower lasting several weeks at a time. Grows 5' to 7' in partial sun. A real conversation piece for the tropical garden! $15.95
Zingiber Spp.
"Milky Way"

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An interesting zingiber species from Thailand compact 3' plant with pale green foliage, inflorescence are tight milky white cones from it's base, delicate pretty yellow flowers emerge throughout it's cone. The milky white cones sometimes turn pink with age. Partial sun, zone 8 or higher, dormat in winter. Very unusual! $6.95
Zingiber sp.

ZB-08 pic
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An amazing new zingiber with leaves that appear almost black, producing basal inflorescence from the ground that are cone shaped and yellow, as the cone ages, tiny pink flowers emerge from within it's cone, turning the entire cone a mauve pink. Height 2 to 3' Foliage is absolutely stunning! $15.95
Zingiber Collinsii
"Silver Streaks"

ZB-09 pic
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Absolutely stunning! Grows 4 to 6', flowering freely from spring-summer, with gorgeous red basal ,oblong cones from it's base. Dark green leaves streaked with vivid silver markings. $34.95
Zingiber Darcyi
"Variegated Shampoo Ginger"

ZB-10 pic
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Very similar to it's cousin ( Zingiber Zerumbet "Awapuhi" ) in growing habit, but the exception is it's beautiful variegated white striping throughout it's leaves ,also producing green cones that turn variegated and red. Grows 4 to 5' . Great for cut flower and foliage! $8.95